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Roen's Roommate attends Trump Rally

Roen Horn, who founded the Eternal Life Fan Club in 2012, and his roommate are both major Donald Trump supporters. On October 5, 2016 Roen's roommate had the opportunity to attend a Trump rally in Reno, NV. While Roen could not make it to the rally, he did register to vote and will also be volunteering some hours to help the Trump campaign.

Recently, Roen's involvement in life extension has taken him on the Immortality Bus, a bus tour led by Zoltan Istvan with a mission to spread the good news of life extension and other transhumanism goals. Roen frequently does interviews with figures in the transhumanist movement, gives lectures, and writes about the philosophical implications of life extension and related issues. To learn more about Roen click here.

Roen's Roommate at Trump Rally on Reno NV 10-5-2016

Roen's roommate at the Trump Rally

Roen urges every voter to vote for Donald J. Trump in the upcoming election. "In this election, I urge you to cast a vote for Trump. This election is about protecting western culture from mass immigration and illegal aliens. If we're not careful, our superior western culture could slowly get displaced by inferior cultures. This would be a disaster for those trying to live forever."

"Everybody wants to rule the world but only a few people are qualified to rule the world. Trump has my vote and my eternal gratitude. He will save us from the foreign hordes."

It should be noted that Trump said at the rally: I'm not running to be president of the world. I am running to be president of the United States of America, and to protect the American people."

“Vote Trump because it's important for your safety and my safety.”
- Roen Horn
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Roen's roommate with @amyasherk
Roen's Roommate with the Deplorable Trumpster (@amyasherk)
Donald J .Trump
Donald J. Trump himself
Roen's Roommate with some Trump Supporters
Roen's Roommate with some Trump Supporters
Roen's Roommate with more Trump Supporters
Roen's Roommate with more Trump Supporters
Roen and Zoltan
Roen and Zoltan Istvan protesting existential threats in San Diego
Roen registers to vote
Roen registers to vote for the 2016 election
Roen with Maria Konovalenko
Roen with Maria Konovalenko and a robot in S.F.
Roen with Aubrey de Grey
Roen with Aubrey de Grey at a transhumanist conference
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