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Roen on the Immortality Bus with Zoltan

On September 5th, Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan of The Transhumanist Party launched off the immortality bus tour!

Zoltan is the presidental candidate who wants to help us all live longer, and when the technology makes it possible, even forever. The immortality bus was dressed up to look like a bus-sized coffin, and it provoked interest in transhumanism. Roen served as a filmographer on the bus, covering this historic bus tour along it's way to Washington DC.

Immortality Bus Riders in front of the Immortality Bus. 2015.
More images and videos from the Immortality Bus Tour available on Eternal Life Fan Club Immortality Bus Tour page.

Roen and Zoltan wearing hipster glasses

The bus finally reached Washington DC on December 14, 2015. There Zoltan approached the capitol building with the Transhumanist Bill of Rights in hand. He then stuck it to the building, although that is not where it would end up. Being informed by armed guards that this was useless—that if he successfully taped it to the building they would immediately remove it—he gave that up and presented it to the California senator instead. Hopefully this tour will help bring attention to a growing demand to fund life extension research. Transhumanism is here!

“Death is not destiny.”
- Zoltan Istvan
Roen and Zoltan
Roen and Zoltan Istvan protesting existential threats in San Diego
Roen at People Unlimited
Roen sharing his philosophy at People Unlimited
Roen with Maria Konovalenko
Roen with Maria Konovalenko and a robot in S.F.
Roen with Aubrey de Grey
Roen with Aubrey de Grey at a transhumanist conference
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