Who is Roen?

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Roen proudly wears the Eternal Life Fan Club T-Shirt
Roen proudly wears the Eternal Life Fan Club T-Shirt
"We have a promising hope for a salvation from death."
- Roen Horn

Roen is a philosopher and lecturer on the importance of trying to live forever. He founded the Eternal Life Fan Club in 2012 to encourage all who love life to start being more strategic with regard to this goal. To this end, one major focus of the club has been on life extension techniques, everything from lengthening telomeres to avoiding risky behaviors.

In 2015, Roen's involvement in life extension took him on the Immortality Bus, a bus tour with a mission to spread the good news of life extension and other transhumanism goals. Driving the bus is US Presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan, who Roen says is doing more for transhumanism at the moment than anyone else he knows. Why? Because Zoltan is drawing major media interest in transhumanism. Roen served as a filmographer on the bus, covering this historic bus tour along it's way to Washington DC, where Zoltan proverbially nailed the Transhumanist Bill of Rights to the front door of the White House.

Roen's first viral video, seen by millions. Click to watch (does not redirect you from this page).

Roen frequently does interviews with figures in the health and transhumanist movements, and writes about the philosophical implications of life extension and related issues. He has given lectures at several conferences on the philosophy of being an eternal life fan. Aside from his work in life extension, Roen is also a creator of memes, viral videos, and internet campaigns. He is working on his first documentary film.

Roen and Zoltan
Roen and Zoltan Istvan protesting existential threats in San Diego
Roen with Maria Konovalenko
Roen with Maria Konovalenko and a robot in S.F.
Roen with Aubrey de Grey
Roen with Aubrey de Grey at a transhumanist conference