Roen Searches For New Answers

When Roen founded the Eternal Life Fan Club in 2012, he had hoped that more people would understand the simple logic of Eternal Life. For four years he tried to encourage others to seek their own continued existence with all their heart, to truly fear death.

After countless interviews and discussions with people, what he found instead is that very few people want to live forever and among the ones who are open to living forever, very few of those would go to any great extreme in the pursuit of it.

Recently, one of the oldest human beings just died at the age of 146. This man, despite the great age he attained, was no eternal life fan. "I have wanted to die for a long time," he said [ref].

Even if human beings start reaching ages beyond 200 in the upcoming century, true eternal life fans will still be few and far between. Roen's passion is to help them, along with himself, to live forever.

In our current failed healthcare system, the root causes of disease are ignored and symptoms are "treated" (suppressed). What will become of life-extension technology in the future if anti-aging interventions become ensnared in the same pattern?

Now that the year 2018 is almost upon us, Roen is putting all his focus into unlocking the root causes of aging. He is beginning his search by interviewing many people on health and disease-related issues. What he has discovered already is shocking, and he will be releasing his first documentary in 2018 to share his findings with you, fellow eternal life fans!

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