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Boron (chelated)
250 grams (8.8 oz)
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Boron is one of the most overlooked minerals for general health and longevity. It is the master mineral that feeds the parathyroid gland, and studies have repeatedly shown how important the thyroid system is for health and longevity.

It may be that the thyroid plays a more significant role than we realize in the health of bones. A correlation has been observed between natural boron levels in the drinking water and osteoporosis rates; the higher the levels of boron the less osteoporosis.

Therefore, we should not be surprised to hear that in Israel, where rates of osteoporosis are the lowest, there is more boron in the drinking water than anywhere else in the world. Boron is literally the fifth element.

Roen has made every effort to sell the best boron in the world. While boron does occur naturally in the earth as a salt (borax), the best way to take boron is in a fully reacted, chelated form, chelated with naturally occuring amino acids, in a substrate such as rice powder. This is the form of Boron you will get when buying from Roen, which has been named Boron Aminomin by the developer.

Unfortunately, Boron is usually sold as 2 mg capsules, which is practically nothing since that is what the average person is getting anyway in our present-day boron-deficient lives. Roen's boron comes in the size of 250 grams, so you can make sure to get proper amounts of boron.

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