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250 grams • $28.99

Boron, the missing element

Out of all the elements, Boron is the one that seems to be greatly lacking in the modern diet. This very inexpensive element should be as commonly available as table salt. It is affordable even if taking 30 mg per day or more. In the store you usually only find 3 mg capsules, what a wasted opportunity. You'd have to take 10 capsules a day to get that amount, and you'd need to buy a new bottle every few days.

In the past a single apple may have had as much as 20 mg, it is believed. Boron plays a critical role in bones and teeth, as well as in hormone production. Although data about boron related to longevity is hard to find, we do know that areas with higher than normal boron in the water supply have been linked to certain benefits.

Roen Boron Rice Chelate

Although some people opt to take borax as their source of dietary boron, Roen believes in taking the mineral chelated into non-gmo rice. You only need to take a very small amount of the powder to get a good amount of boron as if it were a food source.

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