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Chocolate Factor
100 chocolate bar EQ
2 FL OZ (59 ml)
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Chocolate Factor
The most important benefits of Chocolate without the downsides

Chocolate is one seriously healthy food when you do it right. You can mix pure cocoa powder with a healthy fat and a healthy sweetener to make a delicious treat that is also good for you. Some of the longest-lived people in the world eat lots of chocolate.

However, eating too much chocolate has downsides due to the high lead, iron and copper content. These heavy metals strictly limit what a healthy chocolate intake looks like.

Roen wanted to change all that and unlock the power of chocolate, and that is why Chocolate Factor™ now exists, the perfect way to harness the magnificent health and longevity benefits of pure chocolate without heavy metals or added sugar.

With Chocolate Factor™ you can consume "liquid chocolate bars" in high quantities and reap the rewards that can only be reaped when consuming it in this way. One bottle is equivalent to 100 Chocolate Bars (10,000 grams of chocolate).

Like real chocolate, Chocolate Factor™ concentrates the same important nutrient that helps the body deal with stress and is known to play a vital role in neurogenesis and immune system functioning—with a delicious, organic chocolate flavor.

We recommend taking this product with Magnesium Citrate to fully unlock the powers of chocolate.

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