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Collagen Type 2
175 grams (6.2 oz)
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Our bodies are constantly regenerating collagen. This is very important because with all the wear and tear we put on our bodies we would have joint problems very fast otherwise. As we get older our bodies lose the ability to do this important task.

Supplementing with collagen is extremely popular because it works: wrinkles disappear, joints feel better, and so on. What is rarely known is how important collagen type 2 is for the immune system.

You often hear them say collagen type 1 & 3 are for skin, muscles and bone, and type 2 is for cartilage and joints. This is not very accurate at all. It has become the paradigm in the supplement world so they can convice us to take a supplement that has all the types and not pay much attention to the difference.

In reality, types 1 & 3 are not important to supplement with, and slightly risky (often from bovine), while type 2 is the only one that matters and is available in a safe form, from chickens. Type 2 is also, unfortunately, the expensive one. This is why collagen supplements almost never divulge the amount of each type, because then you would know how little there is of type 2 in their product.

It is a shame when supplement selling strategies get in the way of people finding what will actually make a difference in their health. Type 2 Collagen from chicken is one of the best supplements a person can take for longevity, the immune system, beautiful skin, and their general health. That is why you find it offered here as a pure powder, so that people can take as much or as little as they want and know exactly how much they are getting.

Roen's Collagen is 175 grams of pure type 2 chicken collagen. The suggested serving is 1.38 grams, which is much more than you get in other products, but even at that amount one (1) container will last four (4) whole months. At just $49.99 it is without question one of the most important supplements any person should be taking.

Collagen type 2 naturally contains many amino acids including glycine and proline (about 60% total protein composition), hyaluronic acid (about 28%), and mucopolysaccharides (about 18%).

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