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Iodine is top priority

Iodine is a very important supplement that should not be overlooked. Iodine has numerous functions in the body, but it is most closely associated with the brain, the skin, the bones and teeth. In fact, one way to check for an iodine deficiency is to look at the fingernails.

The Japanese have the highest iodine consumption in the world, where it is estimated to be around 3,000 mcg (3 mg) per day, on average. The Japanese also have the longest lifespans of any nation on earth.

The Japanese also have the highest average egg consumption of any nation of earth, which may be part of the reason behind their longevity, however, as numerous studies have found a strong relationship between the thyroid system and longevity, the high iodine consumption is very likely part of it too.

There is one opinion that a daily intake of 3,000 mcg per day is too high, while some studies have concluded that is not true at all. The average American gets less than 150 mcg.

In Roen's Iodine one drop provides 150 mcg of iodine, the standard daily amount in the US. Even if taking twice that, 300 mg per day, the cost is only 1 penny per day! (The bottle contains 2,600 drops and would last 3½ years.) So no one can say iodine is not affordable.

Another thing to be aware of is that many people are exposed to fluoride in drinking water or when taking showers or baths, and fluoride exposure makes it harder for the body to retain iodine, since both are halogens. For this reason, the average person may need even more iodine in their diet.

One of the most important functions of iodine in the body is detoxification. Iodine is known to help transport unwanted metals away from places in the body where they do not belong, such as the brain.

However, iodine itself plays an important role in the health and intelligence of the brain, and is extremely important for the health and rebuilding of the skin and teeth.

All things considered, supplementing with iodine should be most people's top priority, so buy this bottle right now and begin taking at least 1 drop a day.

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