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Magnesium Citrate
375 grams (13.2 oz)
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Magnesium Citrate promotes relaxation

You often hear Magnesium called one of the most important micronutrients and it truly is. Many people out there seem to have a magnesium deficiency and just simply taking a magnesium supplement would help them so much.

Magnesium citrate is one of the favorite forms. It is well absorbed, inexpensive, and is the best form for those who take it to help ward off constipation.

Not all magnesium citrate supplements are the same. At one time almost every magnesium citrate supplement on the market was actually magnesium oxide mixed with citric acid. As times changed, standards changed and now companies sell real magnesium citrate.

Roen's magnesium citrate is a fully reacted chelate, but with an excess of citric acid, so the taste is more like the taste of a traditional magnesium supplement. (Not tasteless like many out there now are.)

Magnesium serves many purposes in the body, so a deficiency can cause many different symptoms. Magnesium's primary importance is in hormone regulation, the immune system, and the digestive system. The two most obvious benefits people almost always have are feeling more relaxed and getting a better sleep.

Anyone experiencing weak digestion or gut issues should definitely try out magnesium.

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