Longevity Supplements
Monk Fruit Powder
479 grams (16.9 oz)
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Monk Fruit is the secret of China

Monk Fruit helps regulate healthy hormones, has a low glycemic index, and it is high in molybdenum, a mineral found in higher than normal levels in centenarians.

Monk Fruit comes from China and no where else, as they don't even allow the fruit to be exported from the country. The region in which the fruit grows is a secret sixth blue zone. The people who live there live exceptionally long lives, in part because of the consumption of Monk Fruit. That is why it long ago was given the name "The Longevity Fruit."

There are no fillers of any kind in Roen's Monk Fruit. Other monk fruit powders on the market will have fillers. What you are getting with this Monk Fruit powder is a concentrate, so even a tablespoon of powder is like eating more than a whole fruit.

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