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Roen Trehalose - Product Image
1.5 LBS • $11.99

Trehalose is the anti-AGEs sweetener

As you know, Roen has been focused on finding ways to keep the brain in top shape to help offset the aging process. Trehalose has been discovered by Roen as being one of the most remarkable new substances available. It helps with Advanced Glycogen End-products or AGEs.

Roen Trehalose Powder

It was once expensive to manufacture, but ever since the Japanese figured out how to produce it cheaply through an enzymatic fermentation process, it has become a somewhat popular alternative sweetener. It tastes so good you have a right to be afraid, but the truth is this sugar is very different from the rest. With trehalose, you can enjoy sweetness and rest assured it is actually doing something very good for you!

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