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Why to take Turmeric and not Curcumin

Curcumin supplements are very popular these days. Curcumin is a component extracted from turmeric root, and there are three main curcuminoids. Most curcumin supplements have all three, and many also include something called bioperine or peperine, which is an extract from black pepper.

The idea behind these supplements is to increase the absorption of the curcuminoids and theoretically increase the benefit. As it turns out, just taking turmeric powder is the smarter way to go.

The reason is because turmeric has more going for it than just curcuminoids. Thousands of years before there were curcumin supplements turmeric was consumed for longevity benefits. The curcuminoids promote anti-inflammation, but there are other components in turmeric that do this, and whole turmeric root powder can also decrease iron absorption.

The blocking and removal of iron is one of the main benefits of turmeric and the biggest reason it promotes longevity. On the other hand, curcumin supplements with any kind of peperine in them will increase iron absorption. Studies have shown that the supplements with peperine can greatly increase the absorption of iron.

When you also consider that peperine only increases absorption by about 30%, and the cost of curcumin supplements is so much more than turmeric, you really see why it makes no sense to take them.

The powder of turmeric root is the way to go. It doesn't cost a lot, it will help prevent iron uptake, and you will still be absorbing curcumin (which is quickly metabolized by the body anyway, so bioavailability is questionable). It is the clear winner for those who are trying to use turmeric root for all its benefits.

Roen's Turmeric Powder is Organic and sourced from India.

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