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Yerba Mate is a jitter-free coffee replacement. Unlike coffee, yerba mate may actually be good for you.

While some people would have us believe coffee is healthy or even extends lifespan, the reality is that green coffee bean extract provides all the same benefits but without the acrylamide and cancer-causing substances found in coffee.

But green coffee bean can still leave you with the jitters, which is why yerba mate is superior. Even though it does not cause jitters (even if you drink a very high amount), yerba mate still does contain caffeine. Some studies suggest that caffeine may promote a longer life.

When it comes to yerba mate there are two potential negatives, PAHs and fluoride. Always choose the unsmoked variety when selecting yerba mate, as the smoking process has been associated with the formation of PAHs.

The remaining potential concern of fluoride is common to yerba mate, green tea, and coffee. Soaking and extracting in cold water is said to yield the lowest levels of fluoride. The amounts of fluoride we are talking about are relatively small, but you should always make sure you are getting adequate iodine, and vitamin K. Fluoride is most destructive when iodine levels are low or vitamin K/K2 levels are low.

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